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Dualism in Storytelling  /  ​語りの二元性 

Book Art / paper


Size: W120 H150 (fold)

This is a book reflecting dualistic elements of tales such as good/evil, young/old or happy/unhappy. Folded paper creates the notion of positive and negative space. I developed this book form using both side of paper from the view point of insider/outside and known/unknown.  This suggests that a story can be changed by a different teller and the fact there is a hidden story we never know.

I illustrated two stories (happy and unhappy ending) on a long strip of paper using front and back. As it was folded as pages you can read through in the both ways turning from right to left and from left to right. The point is that these two stories are connected each other through holes representing as windows and a mirror in terms of reversing inside and outside, and a different point of view.










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