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" The paper used for Shoji conceals the scenery outside, but it does not cut off the outer atmosphere.


Even though you are in the room, you still can feel the clouds drifting through the sunlight and the breeze running through a garden.


Veiling these images within thin paper stretches our sense. "




Hiroshi Sugimoto “Sense of Space” (2011) p.127

Translated by Hiroko Matsushita



Shadow of Light


2013, Gifu  (JP)


paper, LED, wood

dimension  w7.0m x h3.3m

Papermaking by hand involves long and complex processes. Every single element is important as well as the quality of the material and the water. Thus, my first impression of working with this paper is very delicate and organic. Inspired by the beauty of papermaking and also by fragments that caught my eyes, for example, the surface of cold water, the reflection of light, the floating fiber and the seasonal change.


My intention with this piece is that the audience can appreciate the beauty of a handcrafted work and also experience something intangible, such as a quiet atmosphere or a passage of time. Mino Washi has both softness and strength, for these reasons it allowed me to develop work by cutting intricate designs. The lightweight paper creates subtle tones reminiscent of haze and has a sense of depth. The soft light floating through the cut shapes creates various shadows.



Granted by Mino Artist in Residence (JP)




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